Mt. Kim Martial Art “Spirit” in Manassas, VA, is a school (DoJang) for those that seriously want to learn how to become tactically and proficiently versed in the Martial Arts (particularity Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Judo). Master Jeon, is a well qualified/experienced instructor and practitioner with over 20 years dedication to the Arts. He holds the right qualities that a Master Instructor should have when teaching children and adults alike (i.e. patients, discipline, morals, and understanding). His instruction keeps all students (regardless of age) entertained and captivated. My daughters and I have been enrolled in this school since Sep 2011. I can report that after a 16 year hiatus in practicing the arts, in just 1 month I lost 15 lbs, and my 4 and 5 year old daughters began to show more focus in everything they put their minds to. So, I fully recommend this school for those within the area, anyone who has a desire or is curious of the Martial Arts.

- Nora (from Google review)

My kid loved the summer camp program. Thursday field trips were something he really looked forward to. Also the Anatomy lessons during the summer were great! Keep up the learning lessons

– An anonymous parent (from survey)

We are confident!

No hidden fee – Everything is included except Lunch!

Safety– field trips with Minibus and wrist bands, all First-aid & CPR certified staffs, non-toxic cleaning method, steam mops, security cameras, air purifiers and so on. Can’t say all!

We consider our students as our own children.

REAL activities

Your child will never repeat same sport or play video games whole day like other camps.
They will learn many different styles of martial arts,
such as Taekwondo, judo, weapons and self-defense.
Even enjoy fully packed activities with great field trips!
They will never be neglected on any minutes but have fun!

Compare with any other camp. We are confident to say we have the best program.


Our class will be ridiculously fun but teach real skills.
Your child will learn life tools while enjoying their summer.
We try to make difference on their life habit through the summer
so they can have better next school year and life!

You should check these before signing up…

Facility where your kids will stay all day.
Instructors and staffs who will take care of your kids all day.
Your kids if they like our class, programs and staffs.

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