I can’t say enough. Master Jeon’s teaching methods are by far superior to anything I’ve seen before. His attention to meticulous details and classroom control is phenomenal. If you want to fill a status quo of saying you are learning TKD, go to the Rec center. BUT if you want to learn the real deal under a great teacher, this is the place for you. My son loves this school to no end, and it is not because he goes there to play because he doesn’t. He goes there to “train”… Being big for his size, he was clumsy, inflexible, and slow in his activities. 6 months into it, the boy does wicked round kicks over his head and breaks ¾ inch boards with a fast punch. Call it what you call it, but my son now has lots of confidence, discipline, respect, and understand what hard work and practice means. Thank you Master Jeon.

- Parent of Mazzen C.

Great exercise with fun!

Your child will be healthier and stronger while they learn self-defense and have fun! Kids will enjoy classes with fun games exercises and become more flexible and fit. The great thing is that it’s not just exercise but also self-defense skills.

Not only physically but mentally too.

It’s not just fun but teach them real deals. They will be disciplined to learn patience, focus, respect and honest, And also earn important life skills, like: Public speech, goal setting, dealing bullies and law-abiding mind too.

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